Scott Fowler &

Rockin' Country Style!

It all started in fall of 1997.  Scott Fowler began singing lead and harmony for a country rock band called Savanna. At the time the lineup was Richard Holmes on drums, bass player Chris Ackles, keyboards and rhythm guitar Jamie Bruce, lead guitarist Bruce Shaw, and lead female vocals was Marjorie Spoto.  Savanna also auditioned lead guitarist Gary Peloquin; They liked his rock sound, so they hired him immediately and that's when the band really started to take off.  They were asked to play at a big benefit that they had played the year before, but with a few new people they rocked the place, and started to get a name for themselves. “At that gig we had a young boy that opened up for us on the big stage”, says Scott, “and lo and behold it was Billy Gilman! He was like 10 yrs old at the time.”
After that, Savanna got some shows at Good Times Cafe in Pawcatuck, CT and around the Westerly, RI area playing for beer money. Unfortunately Marjorie didn't stay with the band, so they tried out a few new female singers but none of them lasted until they found a new female singer, Bryna Bessette.  The band felt she had a voice similar to Reba McEntire. They were playing out more and more, and decided they needed a better name.  Bryna was the one who came up with the name “Southbound”, and the band was in agreement.

After a few years, due to some conflicts within the band, some of the members parted ways with Southbound.  They lost Jamie and Richard.  The band decided not to replace Jamie, but they needed a new drummer, so they found Jay Gervasini, a talented young musician from Westerly.  When Bryna left, the band decided to stay with Scott’s lead vocal, and shift away from female leads.  They were now a five-piece band and getting gigs, making money and having fun.
 That year they played North Stonington fair, Washington County fair , OpSail 2000…they even played the summer pops in westerly (and were the only band ever to play there besides the Westerly Chorus). Southbound was hired for barbecues, weddings, Christmas parties, you name it. They played 26 weeks straight one year, sometimes 3 gigs a week. They were burnt out, so after a while the band took a break. 

 As all musicians will, they eventually got the itch to play again.  But bass player Chris declined so by default, Bruce rejoined the band on bass.  The band stayed with 4 pieces and played till they burnt themselves out again.  This on-again-off-again continued for years. Through all of this, former members were doing their own things; Jamie and Rich started the band Alter Ego, who are still together now.  Rich moved on to form Branded with keyboard player Mark (As of today they are still good friends with Southbound; the two bands occasionally play shows together, and sit in with each other onstage)

In 2006 the band totally stopped playing for a few years. The members of Southbound kept in touch, and  Fowler and Shaw started a blues band with drummer Wayne Silva and John Pelt on bass.  They practiced for a year, and played out once.  “I truly wasn't happy” says Scott. “I'm a country singer, a rock and ballad singer. So I said we should do country instead, and they agreed”.
Unfortunately Wayne Silva couldn't continue because of his day job.  So Southbound picked up rock drummer Bobby Chester who fit right in.   He worked hard to get his country sound down, but he got it.  Gary Peloquin was back on lead guitar, and the band added pedal steel guitarist Glenn Ashton, but after a short time both the band and Glenn realized that they wanted to take the band in two different directions; Glenn was more traditional, but the rest of Southbound wanted to do more country/southern rock material. When John Pelt left the band, they acquired  bass player Lori Lawhorne, who also sang and harmonized and fit right in with the band’s offbeat sense of humor.
Southbound was back out playing again, getting jobs and having fun…but just as things were looking
good for them, it was necessary to make some personnel changes. Nashville guitarist Steve Stets
joined the band, with his extensive country background incredible work ethic—the band had shows
booked, and Steve had to learn almost a whole new repertoire in just a few weeks.  Even with a country
background, the Southbound setlist was almost all new to him!  

2018 saw a huge shakeup in the band's lineup.  Former drummer Jay Gervasini rejoined the band for the summer, then was replaced by country music veteran JC Uttaro; later in the year, Steve Stets and Bruce Shaw both left the band and Mike Zielski of the RI Rednecks and Counterfeit Cash joined. 

“I'm totally proud of my band mates,  we work very hard and try to put on a professional show every time we play. Many thanks to our sound engineer Dave Ross; he makes us sound top notch, and he fits right in”.

Thank you for reading this, and for being a fan or friend and coming out to support our hard work.  We plan to keep entertaining you for years to come!